Administrative Withdrawals

Bethany College reserves the right to withdraw (after the tenth class day of the semester) or cancel the enrollment of (up until the tenth class day of the semester) any student who is not engaged in the academic program of the College and who has, after warnings, failed to meet their financial or academic obligations to the College.

Reasons for invoking this authority may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Student fails to arrive and check in at the scheduled move-in date without prior consultation with and permission from the Vice President of Student Life or their designee .
  2. Student persistently fails to attend classes and submit academic work.
  3. Student fails to submit payment for bills properly delivered or refusing to answer requests for meetings or consultations with the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Student Accounts.

Tenth Day Rule

Students who are enrolled as of the first day of classes in the term but whose enrollment is cancelled due to non-attendance, nonparticipation, or failure to show by the tenth of day of classes will be billed 10% of the tuition and fees for the semester, and in the event that they have been resident on campus, they will be held responsible for room and board charges for the days during which they have been present on campus.

Students who are withdrawn after the tenth day of classes in the term due to non-attendance, non-participation, or failure to meet their financial obligations will be billed for the semester and responsible for room and board charges based on the number of days for which they have been present on campus.

Process and Appeal

These decisions may be finalized by the Provost, the Vice President of Student Life, or the Vice President of Enrollment, Financial Aid, and Marketing as appropriate and may be appealed to the President. Students who have been formally notified of the cancellation of enrollment may not move in to campus housing or, if resident at the time of notification, must leave campus within 48 hours of notification. Students who have been withdrawn for non-attendance, non-participation, or non-payment will be given 48 hours to leave campus. The College will discontinue the student’s access to the meal plan 48 hours after notification. Students for whom this requirement presents a particular hardship should appeal this decision in writing immediately upon notice.