Bethany Educational Employment Program and Work Study

Students may be awarded work study funds as part of their Financial Aid package. Students awarded such aid will receive it based on hours worked. Students may have their earning set up for Direct Deposit into their personal banking account or receive a paper check. Work study funds will not be applied directly to the student’s tuition account. If a student wishes to use their earnings to pay toward their tuition account, they may sign up their paper paycheck over to the Payment Window or make a payment via personal check or debit card.

All Bethany College students are professionals in training and will follow professional expectations while employed through the Bethany Educational Employment and Work Study programs. Meaningful work opportunities have been created and funded in an effort to provide learning opportunities, career expertise and resume building experiences for students.

Working while attending Bethany College is not considered a right but a privilege to be achieved with ambition to find a job, the desire to learn and ability to follow the expectations and requirements established by the job supervisor. Students will be held to the same standards, expectations and requirements most businesses and companies will require in their future careers.