Counseling Services

Bethany College provides free on-campus counseling for students who experience non-serious emotional and psychological problems while at college, such as difficult adjustment to college life, relationship issues, stress, depressed mood, substance abuse, and grief. The College Counselor can also provide on-campus support and assistance as needed and in coordination with a student’s primary counselor or therapist. Counseling is provided either individually or in a group format.

Students needing non-immediate extensive counseling or counseling for problems beyond the purview of the College Counselor are referred to appropriate off-campus counseling services which are at student expense. Students experiencing a serious emotional or psychological crisis in which they might become a danger to themselves or others should immediately call Campus Security for immediate transportation to a nearby hospital emergency room and its associated mental health services for treatment.

Counseling is kept confidential, and confidentiality will be broken only, as required by law, to prevent harm to the student or others and in cases of ongoing child abuse. Close coordination is maintained between the College Counselor and the college Health Services personnel, as well as with the McCann Learning Center, to ensure optimum support to Bethany students.