Course Retake and Attempts

Course Retake Policy

A student may repeat (to remove the quality points and credit hours) a maximum of four courses (other than the first English composition course which does not have grades lower than a C-) in which grades of "D+", ā€œDā€, "D-", or ā€œFā€ were earned provided that: (1) the courses repeated were originally taken at Bethany College, and (2) the courses are repeated at Bethany College. In such cases, the calculated grade point average will be based on the grade earned the last time the course was taken. The original grade for the repeated class will remain on the transcript with a note of R for repeated but will not be counted toward GPA or graduation hours. Transfer students should note that only coursework completed at Bethany College is used in calculating the grade point average with the exception of those included in an articulation agreement.

Upon completion of a repeated course, only the course credit(s) and the grade for the most recently completed attempt will be computed in the GPA even if the grade is lower. If a student withdraws from a repeated course, the withdrawal course will appear on the transcript, and the previous grade earned will continue to be counted in the GPA.

Course Attempts
When available, students may repeat courses. Students may attempt a single course no more than three times, including attempts that result in a withdrawal. Whenever a course is repeated, the academic record and transcript reflect all course enrollments and the grade earned for each enrollment.