Degree Completion

As prescribed by the Charter and Bylaws of the institution, granting a degree from Bethany College is a three-step process involving the Registrar, the Faculty, and the Board of Trustees. The Registrar conducts a graduation audit on the date final grades are due at three points in the academic calendar: 1) at the end of the Fall Term; 2) at the end of the January Comprehensive Exams; and, 3) and at the end of Spring Term. These dates are listed in the College Calendar which appears on Page 2 of the Catalogue.

Only the names of those students who have completed all the requirements for the degree by one of the dates noted above will be submitted to the Faculty at its next regularly scheduled meeting, at which time the Faculty nominates the members of the list for degree. The President then presents the list to the Board of Trustees which then confers the degree. Commencement exercises are held once each year, in May, at which time all degree recipients for that academic year receive their diplomas. All students who are candidates for graduation must resolve their financial obligations to the institution prior to their nomination for a degree, and transcripts will be withheld until the financial obligation is satisfied.