Faculty and Instructional Staff 2023-2024

JAMIE CARIDI, President of the College (2022).
B . A . Saint Vincent College; M.Ed. Geneva College; Ph .D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

ANJU RAMJEE, Provost and Dean of Faculty. (2004).
B.Com., Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration (affiliated with the University of Calcutta), India; M .B .A ., Ph .D ., University of Cincinnati.



FUJIKO O. NITO, Professor of Computer Science. (1985).
B.S., Chubu Institute of Technology (Japan); M.S., (Mathematics: Electrical and Computer Engineering), M.S., (Mathematics: Computer Science), Ohio University.

PATRICK J. SUTHERLAND, Professor of Communications and Chair of the Department of Communications and Media Arts. (1989).
B .A ., Marquette University; M .A ., University of Florida; Ph .D ., Ohio University.

HARALD J. A. MENZ, Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Director of International Education, Co-Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Co-Chair for the Department of Humanities. (1994).
B .A ., Padagogische Hochschule, Heidelberg, West Germany; M .A ., Ph .D ., West Virginia University .

JOSEPH B. LOVANO, Professor of World Languages and Cultures. (1997).
B .A ., M .A ., Ph .D ., University of California, Los Angeles.

HEATHER L. RICCIUTI, Professor of Learning Resources and The Mary Cutlip Director of Libraries and Learning Resources. (1997).
B .A ., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; M .L .I .S, University of Pittsburgh.

ELIZABETH M. HULL, Dr. Robert L. Martin Chair in English Literature and Professor of English. (1999).
B . A ., Kirkland College; Ph .D ., University of Virginia.

WILLIAM T. HICKS, Professor of Biology (2003).
B .S ., Bloomsburg University; M .S ., Miami University, Ohio; Ph .D ., Oregon State University.

MELANEE W. SINCLAIR, Professor of Social Work, Chair of the Department of Social Work, and Coordinator of Social Work Field Placements. (2004).
B . A ., West Virginia Wesleyan College; M .S .W ., West Virginia University.

BROOKE LEMMONS DEAL, Thomas W. Phillips Chair of Religious Studies, Professor of Religious Studies, Co-Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities. (2005).
B . A ., Southwest Missouri State University; M .Th ., Ph .D, Brite Divinity School.

ROBERT S. SPANGLER, JR., Professor of Physics. (2005).
B .S ., Rochester Institute of Technology; M.S., Ph.D., West Virginia University.

ADAM C . FLETCHER, Professor of Mathematics. (2006).
B .S ., Bethany College; M .S ., John Carroll University, Ph.D., West Virginia University. 

LISA M . REILLY, The Goulding-Woolery Professor in Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Physical and Computational Sciences. (2008).
B.S ., Mercyhurst College; Ph .D., Oklahoma State University.

EDWARD F . SHEPHARD, Professor of Education. (2011).
B. A ., California University of Pennsylvania; M.A ., D.Ed ., Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

JOSEPH PETRELLA, Professor of Education. (2022). 
B.S. Saint Vincent College; M.A., M.A., Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh.

ROBERT SHURINA, Visiting Professor of Biology, (2022).
B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University. 

ADAM CROOM, Professor of Psychology. (2023). 
Ph.D. Glasgow Caledonian University.

Associate Professors

PANDEL L. COLLAROS, Associate Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. (1999).
B.A ., M.A ., The Ohio State University.

HEATHER A . TAYLOR, Associate Professor of English and Director of First-Year Studies. (2007).
B. A ., Bethany College; M.A ., MFA, Wilkes University.

SCOTT M . BROTHERS, Associate Professor of Chemistry. (2012).
B .S ., Wheeling Jesuit University; Ph .D ., Texas A&M University.

HOLLY HILLGARDNER, Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the Perry and Aleece Gresham Chair in the Humanities. (2012).
B . A ., University of Texas at Arlington; M .T .S ., Texas Christian University, Brite Divinity School; Ph .D ., Drew University.

AARON M. HONSOWETZ, Associate Professor of Economics. (2015).
B .A ., B .S, Michigan State University; M .A ., Ph .D ., George Mason University.

ANNA EDLUND, Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Biology. (2018).
B . A ., Swarthmore College; Ph .D ., University of California, Berkeley.

DAVID M . DEIULIIS, Associate Professor of Communications and Media Arts (2018).
B .A ., M .A . Pennsylvania State University; Ph .D ., Duquesne University.

KAYCE MOBLEY, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science. (2018).
B . A ., The University of the South; Ph .D ., University of Georgia.

PETER EHNI, Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science (2019).
B .S ., Wheeling College; M .S ., Ph .D ., University of Maine.

ALEX MATHEW, Associate Professor of Cybersecurity. (2019).
B.S., VBSP Univ/RIT/IIE (India); MA, VBSP Univ/RIT/KU, (India); Ph.D., Shri Venkateshwara University (India).

THEODORE PAULS, Associate Professor of Business. (2021).
B.S., M.B.A .,Ed .D .West Virginia University.

Assistant Professors

COURTNEY J. HILYER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach. (2008).
B.A ., Cedarville University; M .S ., California University of Pennsylvania.

PREM PRASAIN. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. (2020).
B.A., M.A. Tribhuvan University (Nepal); M.S., Ph.D., Kansas State University.

J . DAVID DIOSI, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business. (2019)
B.S. Miami University, Ohio; M . B .A . Wheeling Jesuit University.

CHELSEY FLETCHER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. (2020).
B.A. Muskingum College; M .Ed . West Virginia University; Ph .D . Robert Morris University.

KIMBERLY LAWLESS, Assistant Professor of Social Work. (2020).
B.A. Wittenberg University; M .A ., M .S .W . West Virginia University.

HAYDEN COOK, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education. (2021).
B.A. West Liberty University; M . A . West Virginia University.

TAMMY RICHMOND. Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting. (2021).
B.S. West Liberty University; M .B .A ., M .S . Wheeling University.

JEFF BRYSON, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. (2022).
B.A., Ohio Valley University; Ph.D. Capella University.

W. ANDREW FLETCHER, Assistant Professor of Business. (2022).
B.S.B.A., West Virginia University; M.B.A. East Tennessee State University.

HARWOOD MCCLERKING, Assistant Professor of Political Science, (2022).
B.A. Mississippi State University; M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan.

KATHY BAKER-BROSH, Assistant Professor of Biology. (2023).
B.S. Bethany College; Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

AMANDA CHAPPELL, Assistant Professor of Psychology. (2023).
B.S. Longwood University; M.A. Radford University.  

HALEY FEDOR, Visiting Professor of English. (2023).
B.A. Bethany College; M.A. Marshall University; Ph.D. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

FELICIA KADEMIAN-SAINI, Assistant Professor of Psychology. (2023).
B.A., B.S. University of California, Riverside; M.A. Argosy University; M.A., Ph.D. Alliant International University - Los Angeles.

AUTUMN MAYLE, Assistant Professor of History. (2023). 
B.A. Bethany College; West Virginia University.

KALIA PARUL, Assistant Professor of Psychology. (2023)
Ph.D. Punjab Agricultural University (India).

Lecturers and Instructors

AARON L. CAREY, Lecturer in Music. (2005).
B.A ., West Virginia University.


JOHN W. LOZIER, Professor of History Emeritus. (1964-2007).
B.A ., University of Colorado; M.A ., Ph .D ., Ohio State University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

JOHN D. DAVIS, Professor of Economics and Business Emeritus. (1965-2002).
B.A ., American International College; M.A ., University of Connecticut; West Virginia University; University of Chicago.

W. RANDOLPH COOEY, John F. and Evelyn Casey Steen Professor in Economics Emeritus. (1966-2011).
B .A ., Bethany College; M A ., West Virginia University; Mississippi State University.

JOHN S. CUNNINGHAM, Vice President Emeritus. (1967-2007).
B .A ., Slippery Rock State College; M . Ed ., Kent State University; Ed .D ., West Virginia University.

ROBYN R. COLE, Professor of English Emeritus. (1968-2008).
B .A ., University of Maryland; M . A ., University of Georgia; Ed .D ., West Virginia University; Ohio University.

ALBERT R . BUCKELEW, JR ., Professor of Biology Emeritus. (1969-2011).
B.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University; Ph.D., University of New Hampshire.

LARRY E . GRIMES, Professor of English in the Perry and Aleece Gresham Chair in Humanities Emeritus. (1970-2009).
B .A ., Bethany College; B .D ., Yale University; Ph .D ., Emory University.

MILTON R. SMITH, JR., Goulding-Woolery Professor in Chemistry Emeritus. (1972-2008).
B .S ., Sul Ross State University; Ph .D ., Texas A&M University; Iowa State University; Ohio State University; Carnegie Mellon University.

JOHN H. HULL, Professor of Psychology. (1976-2022).
B .S ., Alma College; M .A ., Ph .D ., Kent State University .

JOHN J. MCGOWAN, Professor of Physical Education and Sports Studies Emeritus. (1980-2020).
B.S., Manhattan College; M.S., Springfield College.

MARY ELLEN KOMOROWSKI, Matthew Quay Ammon Professor of Mathematics Emeritus. (1982-2011).
B .A ., M .S ., Ed .D ., West Virginia University; The American University of Beirut

WALLACE B. NEEL, Professor of Physical Education and Sports Studies. (1982-2011).
B.S., M.S., Ohio University; Ed.D. West Virginia University. 

GARY H . KAPPEL, Professor of History in the Perry and Aleece Gresham Chair in the Humanities Emeritus and Historian of the College Emeritus. (1983-2019).
B .A ., Bethany College; M .A ., Ph .D ., West Virginia University.

ROBERT A. PAYSEN, Goulding-Woolery Professor in Chemistry Emeritus. (1983-2012).
B .A ., College of St . Thomas; Ph .D ., University of Tennessee.

KATHERINE SHELEK-FURBEE, Professor of Social Work Emeritus. (1984-2020).
B .A ., Alderson-Broaddus College; M .S .W ., West Virginia University.

JOHN T. BURNS, Professor of Biology Emeritus. (1985-2019).
B .A ., Wabash College; M .S ., Ph .D ., Louisiana State University.

JANICE L. FORSTY, Professor of Physical Education Emeritus. (1987-2021).
B .S ., Slippery Rock State College; M .S ., Slippery Rock University.

D. DUANE CUMMINS, President Emeritus of the College and Professor of American History. (1988-2002).
B .A ., Phillips University; M .A ., University of Denver; Ph .D ., University of Oklahoma; LL .D ., William Woods College; H .H .D ., Phillips University; Litt. D ., Chapman University.

KENNETH L. MORGAN, Jennie Steindorf Renner Chair of Fine Arts and Professor of Fine Arts Emeritus (1989-2020).
B.A., Bethany College; M.A., West Virginia University; Art Institute of Pittsburgh; North Carolina State University.

WILFRID W . CSAPLAR, JR ., Professor of Economics Emeritus. (2002-2021).
B .A ., Swarthmore College; Ph .D ., Duke University.

VIRGIL G. THOMPSON, Professor of Accounting Emeritus. (2006-2020).
B .S ., West Liberty State College; J .D ., West Virginia University College of Law; C .P .A .

STEVEN A. CARELLI, Associate Professor of History. (2007-2022).
B.A ., West Virginia Institute of Technology; M .A ., Ph .D ., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.