Institutional Learning Objectives

The Bethany experience encourages students to realize their intellectual capabilities, moral capacities, and leadership potential by assisting them in their quest to achieve the following institutional learning objectives.

The Institutional Learning Objectives apply to all undergraduate, graduate, and co-curricular programming:

  1. Written and Oral Communication: Students will be able to write effectively and express themselves orally both within and outside of their discipline, by relating concepts, ideas, and thoughts to a variety of audiences.
  2. Critical Thinking: Students will be able to analyze complex questions and situations from a variety of perspectives, understand different viewpoints and experiences other than their own, recognize preconceived biases, and evaluate situations while recognizing their biases impacting their judgement.
  3. Diversity of Human Experience: Students will develop an awareness of the relationship between diversity, equity and inclusion concerns and their global and international dimensions.
  4. Professional and Academic Literacy: Students will apply appropriate skills to identify, collect, and evaluate information and information needs, to solve problems, and communicate results.
  5. Ethical Reasoning: Students will analyze how the context of situations may influence value judgements, develop an ability to respect beliefs that differ from their own, and be able to empathetically express any different reasoning.