Students may spend a semester combining practical professional experience with formal off-campus study. A student wishing to do this must arrange a position in the chosen area and arrange independent study credit which integrates this work experience with formal theoretical study.

A written proposal, signed by the faculty member responsible for supervising and evaluating the internship program, must provide a description of the student’s goals in undertaking the program, a description of the experience including a summary of responsibilities and the name of the supervisor, a description of the formal independent study course work, an explanation of the way in which the program will integrate the work experience and the formal independent study course work, and a description of the methods to be used in supervising and evaluating the entire project.

Students may earn eight credits upon satisfactory completion of the project with the approval of the respective chair of the department in which the credits would be earned. A student may apply for one academic credit for every 50 hours of internship work completed. An internship is normally one semester or summer. Internships during the semester are limited to 15 hours per week and three credit hours per semester for a full-time student taking 12 or more credits of additional course work. Summer internships can have increased hours. Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have junior or senior status. A packet that contains forms and information is available through the Registrar and the Office of Career and Professional Development. Students should complete this packet with their academic advisor and internship supervisor and return completed forms to the Registrar.