Refund Policies

  • Withdrawal or cancellation must be in writing to Student Life. A withdrawal form with all necessary signatures must be obtained.
  • Tuition, Room and Board (less special course fees) will be refunded: 100% if officially withdrawn or cancelled prior to the first day of classes; 90% in the first week of the term; and no refund thereafter. For terms less than the standard 15 weeks but at least six weeks, these refund periods will be adjusted proportionally. For terms less than six weeks, no refunds are applicable after the first day of class.
  • Discipline – In case of dismissal for breach of college disciplinary rules, no refund will be given .
  • Appeals – Appeals to the refund policy due to unusual circumstances should be in writing to the Chief Financial Officer, and must include documentation and proof of the unusual circumstances.
  • Graduate Assistants – Graduate assistant interns are responsible for all fees, fines, and other applicable charges outside of the tuition charge. Qualified Graduate Assistants will receive a Staff Tuition Benefit that covers tuition costs only.

Other Financial-Related Policies

  • Unpaid Accounts – Any fees, fines, or miscellaneous payments not received by due dates may result in the student being administratively withdrawn from the College. Future registrations will not be allowed, nor will grades, diplomas, certificates, or transcripts be provided until such balance is paid. Re-instatement to the College will require payment of all amounts due, in addition to compliance with the usual readmission procedures. The student is responsible for all collection agency fees, attorney fees, court costs, and any other costs necessary for the collection of past due accounts. Students whose accounts are assigned to collection may have their credit adversely affected, and may have difficulty in obtaining credit in the future.
  • Payment Plans – Bethany’s College’s monthly payment plan option is current under review. Additional information. Forthcoming.