Student Regulations

The Bethany College Policy Manual, Vol. VII, Student Life Policies contains a complete description of the regulations pertaining to housing, dining facilities, health services, motor vehicles, use of alcoholic beverages, eligibility requirements, and other areas of student life. However, applicants for admission should know the following in advance:

  • The College expects and enforces lawful behavior in all matters. Particular emphasis is placed upon respect for the rights of others and upon other principles of good citizenship.
  • Bethany College is a residential college and, as such, all students are required to live in College owned housing or for members of Beta Theta Pi in their privately owned fraternity house. Residential students are expected to be on a board plan. Exceptions may be made if one or more of the following conditions apply:
    • The student commutes from the address of parents or legal guardians .
    • The student is a tenth semester senior .
    • The student is participating in student teaching or academic internship (only during the applicable semester).
    • The student is 25 years of age or older .
    • The student is married or has a dependent child or children .
    • The student has a serious medical condition necessitating alternative dining conditions (validated by the Director of Health Services).
    • The student is registered on a part time basis (under 12 credit hours).
  • All students (except commuters) are required to board in the College dining facilities unless excused by the Department of Student Life. No refunds are granted for missed meals.

  • Students are permitted to bring automobiles to campus, provided they submit the appropriate registration documents and fees to the Bethany College Security Office and follow all parking regulations.

  • Violations of Bethany College policies and the expectations of conduct stated in the Code of Student Conduct are handled by the Dean of Students in accordance with the Due Process procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. The Code of Student Conduct may be found in the Bethany College Policy Manual, Vol. VII, Student Life Policies.

  • A Special Withdrawal Policy exists to allow Bethany College to take action if a student experiences serious physical or emotional problems that may be potentially dangerous and/or life-threatening. In order to protect the student and the Bethany community, the College reserves the right to take appropriate action under such circumstances.