Undergraduate Programs

Based in the liberal arts tradition, Bethany’s academic program is designed to meet the educational needs of individual students by promoting breadth, depth, and the integration of knowledge. Bethany assists students in developing intellectual concepts, sophisticated learning skills, moral values, and good citizenship. Preparation for leadership is a central theme of the College.

The Bethany curriculum is unique in caring for individual students and in helping them develop their full potential at each level of learning. From First-Year Seminars to Senior Comprehensive Examinations, Bethany prepares its students for ever greater tasks and achievements, guiding them toward the fulfillment of personal goals, the challenges of graduate study, and the preparation for productive and rewarding careers.

Bethany brings its students a rich variety of opportunities for learning. Seminars, lectures, laboratory and independent research projects, encounters with high technology through the use of state-of-the-art computers, television and graphics equipment, artistic performances, and athletic activities present opportunities for self-expression and growth. Learning at Bethany often takes place outside traditional classroom settings, through independent study, informal interaction with faculty, off-campus internships, and study abroad.

A Bethany education is, then, more than a list of courses. Bethany students approach their study through a framework of common educational goals which define the liberally educated person. Faculty members work closely with all students to ensure a proper grounding in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Bethany students have many opportunities for choice; but here, too, faculty work closely with them to ensure that each student’s personal plan of study is both comprehensive and coherent. It is this combination of thoroughness and personal expression that makes Bethany unique.