Visiting Bethany

An on-campus interview with an enrollment counselor is highly recommended. A campus visit enables the student to develop a more thorough understanding of the College and its expectations. A comprehensive tour, observation of classes, and interaction with Bethany students and faculty are available if desired by the applicant. Arrangements must be made through the Center for Enrollment.

Lodging is available on campus at Gresham Inn and at nearby lodges and motels. Transportation arrangements from the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and from the Pittsburgh rail and bus terminals may be arranged through the Center for Enrollment.

The Center for Enrollment is open for tours Monday through Friday. throughout the academic year. Also, visit www .bethanywv . edu for Green and White Visitation Days. Appointments can be made by filling out an appointment request form online, calling the Enrollment Office at 304-829-7611 or 800-922-7611, or by emailing the Enrollment Office at enrollment@bethanywv. edu . Three days’ advance notice is recommended to make proper arrangements for visits.