Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Degree Type

The 4+1 integrated MBA Program at Bethany College provides a focused accelerated program, designed primarily for Bethany students to complete two degrees in 5 years, the undergraduate degree plus the Master of Business Administration (BA or BS + MBA). Students have a unique opportunity at Bethany College to pursue a graduate degree in business through the 4+1 integrated MBA program. The 4+1 integrated MBA program provides students with an educational opportunity to gain a competitive advantage as they pursue their careers in business. Bethany College’s accelerated MBA provides experiential learning, using the case method, in small class sizes with personalized attention. This accelerated MBA program is designed with an emphasis on ethical decision making throughout the program in order to graduate students to become thoughtful, compassionate, and ethical business leaders.

The program provides an opportunity to complete the graduate program in one academic year. The program is designed for all prospective students who complete the pre-MBA courses either as requirement in their program or by completing the minor in Business Administration. The program welcomes applicants with a bachelor’s or graduate degree from another accredited institution. Applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree from other institutions are required to demonstrate completion of the pre-MBA courses on their transcript in order to be considered for admission to the 4+1 integrated MBA program.

This is an accelerated program requiring the completion of 36 credits. The program is offered over a trimester academic year: summer, fall, and spring semesters. Students who begin immediately after their senior year may complete two degrees in five years. Additionally, accounting majors will have the opportunity to fulfill the 150 credit hour requirement by completing this program (a credit hour requirement for the CPA certification process). Finally, the 4+1 MBA program, provides opportunities for specializing in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Non-Profit Management.

Program Goals

The 4+1 integrated MBA Program is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Students will possess knowledge in the foundational areas of business and will synthesize, analyze, and integrate the knowledge in developing and implementing innovative and creative solutions to business problems.
  • Students will demonstrate professional and effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Students will analyze the ethical implications of business decisions and recognize ethical dilemmas.
  • Students will have an understanding of cultural diversity in business decisions and will assess the impact of globalization on business entities.
  • Students will identify core issues, evaluate alternatives for complex business decisions and use analytical tools for multi-disciplinary solutions to organizational challenges as effective and collaborative leaders.



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