Quantitative and Logical Reasoning Trail Marker

Students will gain and apply quantitative and logical reasoning through a variety of paths in the Bethany College Curriculum. 

By the end of a course in quantitative reasoning, students should be able to

  • Formulate, evaluate, and communicate conclusions and inferences from quantitative or symbolic information across disciplines
    • Formulate: set up a problem/program to model the given information
    • Evaluate: identify/use proper techniques for formulated scenario
    • Communicate: recognize the appropriateness of the solution, interpret the solution in context
    • Assumptions: analyzes a proper selection of assumptions
  • Apply effective and efficient mathematical processes to reason and solve problems across disciplines
    • Accuracy: the problem is done correctly
    • Efficiency: the problem is done clearly
    • Propriety: the techniques are reasonable and correct



A limited number of options will be established. Each course will meet the specific set of learning as established by a team of instructors. Courses discussed include statistics, financial literacy, introduction to logic, connections in mathematical understanding, and others.